5 Sales-Boosting Benefits of Facebook Messenger for Business

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Learn how to speed up your sales cycle and increase sales with Facebook’s Messenger ads.

One of the main advantages Messenger provides is the ability to establish conversations between users and businesses. Answering questions about the business’s products or services and their connection with the customer. This relationship is one of the reasons for why users first contact businesses through Facebook.

Today, I want to share 5 benefits of using Facebook’s Messenger in your ad campaigns to improve customer experience and increase sales.


1) Instant Conversations

One of the noticeable benefits of Facebook Messenger is the ability for customers to have instant conversations with your brand; rain or shine, they expect a response.

The conversation on a Facebook Paid Ad should revolve around the promoted product, but it’s also an opportunity to tell your story and establish a dialogue with your customers.

2) Lead Capture 

The next big benefit is the ability to gather contact information without needing to submit a lead form or click on a landing page.

With Facebook Messenger Ads, you can ask for basic contact information through a natural conversation.


3) Automated Messages 

Let’s say you’re responsible for answering messages inside your company. It’s Sunday and you’re out in the woods without signal and a new client wants to chat. That may be a lost opportunity, right?

Well, not really, as Facebook Messenger Ads allows businesses to create their own Automated Messages, so you can build predetermined conversations that answer frequently asked questions to fill the information gap between customer and business.

This will save time, but will also warm leads by answering common questions and move them down the sales cycle. Therefore increasing the likelihood of them sharing their contact info and ultimately making a purchase.

Don’t forget about point #1, so keep this step as humanly as possible and try not to sound like a Ro-Bo-T.

4) Optimized for Mobile 

Facebook, focuses on the mobile experience as 90% of traffic comes from mobile devices.

Like so, Messenger Ads are 100% optimized for mobile, so you don’t have to battle with ad sizes, look and feel, UX and mores tricky concepts that may cripple the ability for the customer to grasp your concept.

5) Improved Performance

Finally, most businesses will look for better ad performance. Messenger Ads show better results than most other objectives such as Lead Form Ads, Video Views or Traffic and Conversion Campaigns.

By giving users fast and personal contact with your brand, you can answer their questions and doubts quickly to help them make their purchase decision.

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