How Marriott Vacations Worldwide Hired 7 Housekeepers In One Month Using Facebook

Marriott's Newport Coast Villas entrance.
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Stop struggling to hire housekeepers, stewards and other entry-level positions. Here are 3 takeaways from Marriott Vacations Worldwide’s successful hiring campaign.

Like many hotels and resorts, Marriott’s Newport Coast Villas struggled to hire housekeepers. After having relied far too long on Indeed, LinkedIn and temp agencies, the director of services decided to start using Facebook to actively find, screen and hire entry-level candidates.

3 Takeaways From MVW’s Successful Hiring Campaign

1. Understand The Process

Social recruiting is not complicated, as a matter of fact, it can be broken down into 3 steps:

  1. Posting and promoting.
  2. Contacting and screening.
  3. Interviewing and hiring.

Posting & Promoting

Laptop with Más Vale Saber Facebook job post.

In this step, your job is to not only post your job opportunity but to promote it. People need to see it if you want them to apply. To do this, you’ll need to invest in Facebook paid ads and/or actively share to groups. Click here to find out how we do this for you.

Contacting & Screening

Kathyria Rijos working on the computer.

If you don’t contact your applicants how can you expect to hire them? The biggest piece of advice here is to contact candidates within 15 minutes of applying. Recruiters are 10 times more likely to get the applicant on the phone if they follow up within 5 minutes of applying as opposed to an hour later.

Interviewing & Hiring

Stack of applications.

You’ve found them and screened them, and if you did your job right, you should be getting 20-40 applications a week, which means plenty of interviews to ensure you hire the right people. Now it’s time to extend your job offers.

2. Set Realistic Expectations

I can’t stress this enough, make sure your team is accountable for each step in the process, but even more importantly, make sure your team has the time.

Ashley Say, the sourcing manager for the west region, set up a meeting with her team at Newport and it was quickly decided that Más Vale Saber would handle the marketing. As for the second process, the biggest hurdle to overcome was time. Any good recruiter knows that entry-level candidates apply to multiple employment opportunities and waiting a day to contact them can mean they’ve found another job.

In MVW’s case, the director of services knew that she could count on her recruiting team to screen and interview, however she also recognized that the volume of expected applications was much higher than what they were used to receiving.

Realistically, she knew that her team wouldn’t be able to call and screen 20-40 applicants a week in a timely manner since they still had to handle the day to day operations.

As a result, she relied on Más Vale Saber for support. Rather than spend precious time calling and screening, her team would continue to focus on operations while setting time aside for valuable interviews. Hooray for efficiency!

3. Be Flexible & Communicate

A man trying to communicate without words.


Once the campaign kicked off, Marriott’s Newport Coast Villas agreed to schedule interviews Monday-Friday between 9am-4pm. This prevented unnecessary back and forth communications for scheduling and most importantly, it allowed for interviews to be scheduled immediately. As for communication, her team always provided feedback regarding candidates, thus allowing our team to improve the screening process. In the end, their property was able to hire 7 candidates in one month and are on pace to hire 7 more in the upcoming month.

Need help filling entry-level positions? Click here to start hiring qualified candidates immediately.

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