5 Simple Tips For Turning Visitors Into Customers At Your Booth

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Learn how to make your trade show booth stand out so you can attract potential customers at your next event.

So you’ve decided to attend an event to showcase your products or services to thousands of people, but how do you make sure your booth attracts potential customers and most importantly, leaves a lasting impression they will remember?

First impressions are everything when attending an expo.

It’s not as difficult or time consuming as you think. Follow these simple steps to ensure your trade show booth is engaging visitors in such a way that they will remember you after the event.

1. Bring Giveaways or Small Promotional Items

Reports show that if you have appealing promotional items available to give away at your table, attendees are 52% more likely to stop by your booth. You’ll obviously want to have flyers, pamphlets or stand-up posters to provide information, but you also need to provide some giveaways to give people an incentive to initiate a conversation. It could be something as simple as coupons or small gifts, and if your budget is limited, consider an interactive activity so only the winners get your prize. More on this next.

Tip: Here are the top 5 performing giveaways at events:

  1. Water bottles
  2. Portable cellphone chargers
  3. Plastic phone wallets
  4. Reusable bags/ Tote bags with company logo
  5. Journals or note pads

2. Provide An Interactive or Hands-On Activity

People are 10 times more likely to remember an experience than your flyer.

If you don’t have the means to give out a handful of prizes you can always opt for a game where only the winners will take the prize. This type of interactive activity requires more creativity than money and is sure to make your trade show booth stand out, but most importantly, it will ensure prospects remember you after the event.

Tip: Here are 5 interactive contests that will attract potential customers to your booth:

  1. Prize wheel – A classic. Use this to spread out your prizes. You can give candy to all participants, but only a select few get the chance to win your valued giveaway.
  2. Bean Bag Toss – This game is cost effective and keeps children entertained while you talk to parents. Nothing beats a personal connection with attendees.
  3. Guessing jars – Fill multiple containers with candy, Legos, snacks, chocolates, loose change (pennies, nickels, dimes and quarters) and other small items. Ask attendees to guess how many items are in the jar. Only those who answer correctly get to take the jar.
  4. Trivia – Prepare questions about your business/ brand and ask attendees to try and answer correctly. This will engage guests and at the same time teach them about your products or services.
  5. Jumbo Jenga – People love Jenga! So why not use this to full advantage. This one is sure to keep folks around longer so you can talk to them and tell them how awesome your product or service is.

3. Bring Additional Staff With You

Events are a lot of fun, but they can also be tiring. I suggest you bring a minimum of 2 people to attend your table to allow time to take breaks without having to leave your trade show booth unattended. It’s also great to have each other to stay motivated and bounce ideas off each other.

Tip: Coordinate who will entertain the children while the other engages the parents.

4. Engage With Guests, Don’t Be Shy

If you see someone approaching your table don’t wait until they make their way over. Be proactive and spark up a conversation. Never stand around waiting for guests to initiate the conversation or ask you about your product, you do the talking first.

Tip: Energy and enthusiasm is contagious. Never ever sit at your booth.

5. Increase Your Leads By Taking Down Their Information

By now you should have attracted lots of potential customers, but never assume that they will reach out to you. Always take down their information so you can follow up with them later.

Tip: Only take lead info from interested visitors to save yourself time to allow you to focus on converting the prospects that are truly interested.

Last but not least, remember to have fun!

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