How To Fill Entry-Level Positions In The Modern Age

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The #1 mistake recruiters make when trying to fill entry-level jobs is…

Over the last year, my team and I have helped numerous hotels and resorts, as well as businesses, fill their entry-level positions. In some cases, helping them fully staff their job openings.

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Not surprisingly, the biggest challenge many organizations face is finding entry-level employees.

Why Indeed and LinkedIn Can’t Help You Fill Entry-Level Positions

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If you’re like most recruiters, you rely on LinkedIn, Indeed or other job sites to fill your lower skilled positions. The only problem is those sites don’t cater to entry-level applicants. Why? Because most housekeepers, cooks, stewards, laundry attendants, production workers and [insert your entry-level position] don’t have shining resumes or education histories that look good. As a result, they are less likely to be on those sites, and if they are, they probably don’t spend much time on them.

So How Do You Find Entry Level Candidates?

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How about searching in the #1 platform where people spend the most time. I’m talking about Facebook.

Unlike traditional job sites, Facebook aims to help companies fill lower-skilled positions in industries like hospitality, warehouse, call centers, customer service, retail and food service.

Do Facebook Job Posts Really Work?

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Yes! And here’s why. Many Facebook users already list their professional experience and they spend a ton of time casually browsing the site. As a result, it’s easy for Facebook to connect them with jobs so they can quickly apply.

Ashley Say, the sourcing manager for Marriott Vacations Wordwide had trouble finding housekeepers In Phoenix. Once we promoted her job on Facebook we were able to get 40+ applications in one month and her property was able to hire 7 people.

How did we do it? We narrowed down Phoenix’s 3.2 million audience to 31,000 in order to target people who were most likely to be interested in their entry-level job post.

The Key To Successful Social Recruiting

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If you’re serious about filling your entry-level positions, you’ll need to embrace Social Recruiting in 2018. Sharing to Facebook groups is a great way to find candidates, but to generate applications consistently, you’ll have to begin experimenting with Facebook job ads. Be sure to set your target audience before running your ads, otherwise you’ll be spending money on people who aren’t relevant to you job opportunity.

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