Why Your Restaurant Needs Good Photos on Social Media

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Behind every restaurant’s success are good quality photos. Learn the basics to attract customers on social media.

Imagine a good photo showing a delicious burger with juicy beef, crispy bacon, and fresh lettuce and tomatoes. Are you hungry yet?

There’s a reason people say “love at first sight”, so it shouldn’t be a surprise that behind every restaurant’s success are quality photos. The pictures you take must be the focal point of your social media if you want to grow your restaurant and position it among the best.

Your pictures must have two primary goals:

  1. Create an irresistible appetite
  2. Create a unique identity for your restaurant

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“For restaurant owners, it is clear that high-quality content on social media, along with active engagement practices, still holds great relevance for consumers” – Ryan Goff, Executive Vice President, Director of Social Media Marketing at MGH

Inspire Through Your Photos

One of the reasons food photography is so important is because of its power to inspire. Social media users are often drawn to accounts that inspire them to try new dishes, try new recipes, change the way they consume food, or even go to a new restaurant.

Fotografía Gastronómica

Invest in Your Digital Branding

When thinking about your restaurant’s branding, if you’re only concerned about your logo, menu, and employee uniforms, you are missing an essential element of this new era.

Social media is an opportunity to appeal to a wide range of ages that share a common interest: the love for food.

From your profile picture and cover photo, to the design of your featured stories, all these customizable elements can contribute to your restaurant’s digital brand in a fun and creative way, which will helping boost sales and attract new consumers.

Branding Social Media

Harness the Power of Social Influence

Social media is the perfect space to receive constructive – and sometimes not so constructive – criticism. Your followers won’t waste time letting you know if your photo doesn’t do the dish justice, even before trying it.

Online users are not afraid to express their opinion on social media and often their opinion can influence others positively or negatively.

Consider this; If you post a great photo where you not only care about the design and aesthetics, but also focus on making your dish look appetizing, chances are you will receive excellent feedback and users will tag others to share your picture.

This will not only give you real-time feedback on what you can improve on as an establishment or what dishes attract people’s attention, but it will also give you exposure with new consumers.

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Don’t Just Sell Food, Sell EXPERIENCES

The reason people visit a restaurant does not only revolve around food, but also its EXPERIENCE. Is your restaurant family friendly? Do you have a bar? Are private events being held? Do you have space for large families? All these questions can be answered through your photos to give your followers a closer look at your restaurant and not just its food.

Additionally, guests can share their experience on their own networks and contribute to improving your exposure with their own followers.

Restaurant Foto

Develop an Identity with Your Photos

Food photography is much more than just a couple of high-quality photos. Moreover it’s a combination of strategies and efforts that, when used correctly and consistently, will build an identity for your brand that will be reflected on all your social media platforms.

From your picture’s aesthetics, to the colors you use and the elements you incorporate. All these elements will contribute to developing an identity that represents your brand in the digital world.

Food Posts Social Media

Remember NOT TO USE STOCK PHOTOS to promote your food. The success of a restaurant lies in its transparency and ability to show customers exactly what they can expect when visiting.

It doesn’t matter if your restaurant is small, large or has just started. Having high-quality photos that tell a story on social media is crucial for the growth of your business online.

You don’t need a professional camera to achieve quality photographs for your business. What you’ll need is some effort, dedication, and openness to learning.

Are you ready? Start taking amazing photos of your dishes NOW.

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